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I am firmly in the present and I plan to reside here. Still, the past is with me always. There I am at all ages in all stages of life. At the same time, here I am--a product of all those other moments, all the influences, all the decisions that make up my life up until today. Is anyone good at envisioning the future? I'm not. I do see myself aging gracefully as I travel the world and doing whatever I can to make my future and "the" future a place of love, and peace and understanding and gratitude. So, I exist in a prism of time.

Morning Shadow

I was trying to photograph flowers but my shadow kept getting in the way as I moved to find the right angle. So, I snapped my shadow instead.IMG_5204


Late Winter

IMG_5060Happy that winter
Wouldn’t quietly retreat
In a mushy mess.


Winter, 2017

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Reflections 2 and Haiku

img_4781Lonely winter day
Overlooking the Great South
Bay from Long Island.


Winter in New York

This was taken on a cold day in February on Long Island in New York. The sun could barely penetrate the cloud cover and even the rays that did pop through seemed to stop short of the earth.

Source: Winter in New York



img_1492Earth of rock and moss

Underneath is gravity

Holding, hugging us.

Source: Haiku