Ten Surprising Things That Happen When You Fall In Love.


Roslyn Harbor

Roslyn Harbor

1. You are much more likely to smile when you are in love. Your reactions to the world around you are tempered by the addition of tender feelings.

2. When there is a problem that affects you, you are less likely to place blame preferring to give the benefit of the doubt to people around you and work from that point.

3. Love is a surprise that delights the soul and provides buoyancy so that we seem to float through the day.

4. Your imagination expands and provides a spring board for ideas and alternative options when there is love in your heart.

5. Love makes our touch tender and brings calm to the tumult around us.

6. We allow ourselves to expand our horizons–to see beyond the usual, the expected  when love enters our thought process.

7. Love brings happiness and that becomes a sturdy platform for hope.

8. We are more tolerant and willing to accept feelings, behaviors, and beliefs that are different than our own.

9. Love keeps you slightly off balance preventing rigidity from taking over your thoughts.

10. You are kind to others when you’re in love.  There is no reason for animosity.  Friendly relations are preferred.

Please feel free to add other surprising things that happen when you fall in love in the comments below.



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