Journey To The Heart

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

How to get ready?
What is needed? What
can be left in the closet?

I would like to leave the scars at home. The tough skin designed to protect from further damage can get very heavy. Not possible. The scars travel with me. I can leave false friendships. That will certainly lighten the load. I have to take love but that won’t be easy to carry. It’s so very fragile, so prone to fading and fraying. I must be cautious. Luckily, memories are stowed in the mind and, though weighty to someone like me who has lived decades, they travel compactly. I will take the self-confident look, the friendly smile, the understanding that comes from long life. Although anxiety and sadness and fear are coming, I am packing them in travel size bottles that meet Transportation Security Administration requirements.


4 thoughts on “Journey To The Heart

  1. emiliaciepla

    I like your December – January poem as it’s witty and evocative, but this one just went straight into my heart. It’s what I call “powerful” – goes into the very core of your existence. Souds serious, but it just means I love it 🙂


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