Somewhere, Something

Morning Sky

Morning Sky

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
Carl Sagan

This is what drives us to delve into all unknowns. The knowledge that there is more than we know, knowledge based on thousands of experiences over thousands of years dangling in front of us enticing us to dive into the ocean to find the pearl.

The curiosity, the desire to learn more about something or someone is a constant force pushing and pulling our minds like gravity pulls our bodies. Of course, we have to add courage into the mix.  That ability, which surprises even ourselves at times, to do what we know will be dangerous or difficult.

Carl Sagan has summed up the human urge to explore, to examine, to learn more about everything. So, we embark on a journey without knowing exactly where we are going or what we’ll encounter.

What’s more, until we have the ability or the body of knowledge necessary, we dream about finding out what lies beyond. Eventually, we started fires, orbited Pluto, obtained and changed DNA, cataloged different mental states, developed agriculture, written book  after book about love, created an ethical system and laws to govern society. Each generation grows more sophisticated. Still, we ask what is next? What is “out there”?  We prepare each generation providing years of schooling to teach what we have learned and encourage students to delve deeper, to discover something more.

What incredible “something” is just out of reach, waiting to be known?



6 thoughts on “Somewhere, Something

  1. Mark

    What incredible “something” is just out of reach, waiting to be known?

    I love that! Sounds so inviting, exciting and adventurous


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