Everyday Things

Thor after his morning walk.

Thor after his morning walk.

There is nothing like the early morning.  That first cup of coffee enjoyed in a quiet house tastes the best. It is then that I sit down to write–a habit that brings me great joy.  For me, this is the time when ideas are waiting to be written down.

Then there is the rest of the day.  I take Thor for his morning walk. Together we watch the seasons change, daylight that comes and goes, the terrain changing with spring growth that withers and dies in autumn. We observe the yearly cycle and try to understand how we fit in.

Thor is tired when we return and he curls up and naps. But, it is time for me to unroll a mat and do yoga.  Just recently, I discovered gi gong–such a beautiful fitness practice. I do a short gi gong routine to round out this part of my day.

Of course, there are chores to do.. They are many and they take up blocks of time. It is the end of the day that brings them to a close and that is when reading time begins. Now it is time to travel the world, to solve mysteries, to learn about the universe and to enter the lives of characters I would never meet.


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