A Star In Our Universe

There’s you. There’s me. There’s virtually all of us.  Equipped with brains that are constantly thinking, constantly scanning ourselves and others, obsessing about current conditions. Our lives loom large in our awareness and it’s difficult to stop the incessant loops of concern that keep us focused on ourselves.  After all, it is our brains, our superior intelligence that has taken us way beyond the immediate self welfare that occupies other life forms  here on earth. We’ve learned to listen when our brains speak.  They have taken us to where we are today and enabled us to accomplish astonishing feats.

So, sometimes we aren’t able to stop the constant chatter about ourselves.  There are other times when our minds soar into the universe to see the terrain of Mars and search for water on Saturn’s moons. We have come to understand black holes as well as the workings of atoms. We do have those moments when we can wrap our minds around what is up close or very far away.  Those moments when we are stars in the universe.




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