Where I Write

Where I Write.

Where I Write.

Where I write has to be quiet.  Sound, even beautiful bird songs can distract me.  Then again, when I am stuck on something–say searching for the right word–it often helps to lift my eyes away from the page and listen to those songs for a moment.  A part of my mind drifts into the music and for that brief time I forget being stuck and I soar with the birds. When I look back at the page, the word is ready to be written.

Where I write has to have a lamp.  I need lots of light especially pm dark December mornings or late night sessions. However, an overhead light will due when I want to pound the laptop keys fast and I decide to sit at a table.

I used to think I needed a view to write–a window to the world–to check the weather, to see the breeze change the shape of the trees, to provide a greater vision, a wider expanse. But, I’ve found that isn’t necessary.  My mind provides all the scenery I need.


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