The Ten Things I Like Best About Long Island




Freeport, Long Island

Freeport, Long Island

  1. The miles of sandy beaches, some wide, some narrow that edge the island with expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean and their constant breezes that bring the fresh smell of salty air.
  2. The distinct, four season climate that adds the variety of nature’s life cycle to the flat terrain.
  3. The close proximity to one of the greatest cities in the world–New York City.
  4. The hundreds of ethnic restaurants that serve up tasty delights every day.
  5. Communities that provide safe havens.  A place to live where families thrive and children are given opportunities for their imaginations to soar and their talents to develop.
  6. The growing diversity of its residents which adds a cosmopolitan attitude to the suburbs.
  7. The Long Island Rail Road train whistles breaking early morning silence with the reassuring call that they are up and running.
  8. The seaman’s heritage that is evidenced in the fish industry and the multitude of ports that surround the island.
  9. The Long Island Sound which provides a calmer alternative to the ocean’s extremes yet still rises and falls with the pull of the moon.
  10. Stepping onto a boat on a hot summer day to meander around the inlets in the Great South Bay–to see the place that is home from the great ocean that surrounds it.

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