To The Museum

At the Nassau Museum of Art

At the Nassau Museum of Art

Much of my time is spent alone.  I don’t mind.  I think I was meant to
work and live with minimum distractions.  That doesn’t mean that  I don’t need to reach out to others, to touch and be touched. And, I have learned
just how important it is to connect with the world.  So, I schedule regular trips to museums. The desire to see exhibits of how the world once was as well as examples of how civilizations view the world evolved from lunchtime trips to the Soho Art Galleries when I worked in Greenwich Village to quick visits to the Museum of Modern Art when I worked on Sixth Avenue and 52nd Street.  Of course, there were the days spent at the Museum of Natural History where I would take my daughter to linger (where else?) at the Dinosaur Exhibits.  Now that I work from home, jaunts to museums have to planned but I delight in setting aside days to wander around the slightly claustrophobic, temperature and humidity controlled rooms that hold the world’s beauty as interpreted by mere mortals.




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