Awake in the Middle of the Night


At 3:00AM on Sunday I woke up to a wall of darkness—to a flat world of gray flannel with pockets of dim light, illusory light that, like liquid, moved around on the surface.  I thought of diving into the surf and opening my eyes under water to a curtain of blue green filtered light.  I thought of sharks.  Do they sleep?  I thought of whales and blubber and krill.

Hours have gone by and it is still dark when I hear a bird whistle and whistle again.  Then nothing.  I strain my ears concentrating but all I hear is a whispering swoosh so constant it must be the sound of the earth spinning in space.

I conjure up a one dimensional rose like wallpaper on the back of my mind. Such a disappointment, I was hoping for some beauty.

Finally, when I open my eyes, there is a faint hint of yellow on the eastern horizon.


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