The Midnight Sun


I have the urge to record.  Not just a written record but a photographic one too.  I want to write about experiences, memories, feelings, people, culture–and I could keep going.  I want to photographic the world’s beauty and its seamy side, tender moments caught in a flash and horrific senseless sights that make us want to turn away.

So, I opened The New York Times Magazine of 3-3-2013 with excitement.  Here was  the “Voyages” issue, a special issue of travel and culture.  The cover featured a picture of Brazil by Massimo Vitali.  Inside were more of his works.  Here was someone I could learn from!  I kept turning pages hungry for more and then it hit me.  “God’s Light Show–The Magical Realism of Norwegian Nights.”  The above photo is taken from the article.

When I was eight years old, I traveled with my father, mother and sister to my father’s childhood home fifty miles within the Arctic Circle in Norway.  The timing of the visit was meant to coincide with the first day of summer–the longest day of the year–which in Norway is about twenty-four hours.  I was still trying to make sense of the wild terrain so different from the environs of New York City where we lived when my mother woke my sister and me up and took us outside to witness the midnight sun.  There was nothing to say.  The sight was magical.  I was living a dream.  It was at that moment (I am sure of it) that I realized what amazing things this world had to offer.  From then on, there was no contentment in the status quo for me.  I had to experience as much as possible.

Of course, at eight years old, the time to do this was infinite or so it seemed.  Not so now.  Now I must make up for the lost time spent being a productive (typical) member of society–working, raising a family, taking two week vacations all of which were worthwhile. But, now its time to explore.


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